Monday, October 06, 2014

Tea Through Time

Check out my handsome boys! I don't get to dress them up too often, so this was particularly fun.  We were attending a Tea Through Time - SwingDaddy turned 40 this year, one friend turned 50, another turned 60, and the hostess's house turned 100.  So, the costume years were a choice of 1914, 1954, 1965, and 1974.

We arrived in 1914-esque outfits.

 I was convinced to update to the 1970s with the loan of a vintage white halter jumpsuit.  I was commenting to the other ladies that it was amazing that the white fabric stayed so sharp over the intervening years, and our costuming expert sniffed, "Polyester.  It stays exactly the same forever!"

Madame A had prepared a cake with representative candles for each birthday.

The challenge was to blow out only those candles that belonged to each birthday person.

Everyone was successful!

And we feasted on various treats, including the homemade donuts made by SwingDaddy.  I also brought about ten metric tons of fresh fruit, which was consumed in short order by the boys.

Fabulous in every year.

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