Saturday, August 02, 2014

The High North

We were up early the next day and flew to the high north, 250 miles above the Arctic Circle near the Russian-Finnish border, to stay with a work friend and his family. After a stroll through the town festival, we headed to the harbor.

His twelve-year old son was quite the boatman, and we noticed the little inflatable motorboat tied to the main boat - more on that later.

Lifejackets are really important here.  The water is so cold that if you fall overboard, you'll soon be too chilled to swim.

 We puttered around the fjord for a while, and then the twelve year old took our boys out for a joyride while we kept pace in the larger boat.

 They all had a really good time.

We went back to their house, where the adults admired the view.

And the children admired the trampoline.

Sunset, sometime before 11pm.  We had just missed the midnight sun, but it seemed like mostly a technicality, since it was still so light.  They get two months of continuous sun in the summer and two months of continuous dark in the winter.


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