Thursday, August 07, 2014

Ships and Statues

We visited the Kon-Tiki museum, home to Thor Heyerdahl's exploits.

Using traditional ship building techniques, Heyerdahl and his team sailed vast distances of ocean to prove that pre-historic peoples could cross the Pacific without benefit of modern technology.

 The sailors caught fish to eat and grew tan in the hot sun, surviving some crazy experiences.

Right next door was the Fram museum.  The building is tall and pointy because

The entire ship is inside, with the masts just clearing the ceiling.

The Fram is legendary for its polar expeditions and was designed with a specially shaped, thick hull, so that it could be frozen into the ice during the winter and not crack.

Here's the special retracting propeller and rudder so that it would be protected when the ice closed in.

There were some playful exhibits as well.

The boys are trying out a sled dog harness to see how much they can pull.

Sled dogs work hard!


We saw these statues from a distance and couldn't tell what expedition they represented.  After a moment's thought, we figured it must be Fram, since they were dressed for warmth.

We headed back to our hotel for a rest, and just as we arrived, the palace guard marched by.  Apparently they do an elaborate changing of the guard a few times per week, and we happened to catch it.

Buster chose a few more fuzzy souvenirs.  Here are Freddy and Teddy, his polar bear slippers.  Q-ster chose a four-color pen and some playing cards featuring photos of notable Norwegian locations.

We made an afternoon visit to Vigeland Park.  The scale of the park is surprising - it's huge.

The art is a little weird.

Ok, pretty weird. But the space was lovely.

And we wrapped the day with more ice cream.

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