Friday, August 01, 2014

By the Seaside

After a long travel day previous, we enjoyed a more relaxed time in Bergen on the west coast.  Famous as a Hanseatic trading town, Bergen is known for beautiful views, fish and rain.

Flags in the sea air.

Even the maintenance covers were decorative.

We took the Floibanen funicular up to see the view of the city.

And contrary to all the rain warnings we were given, it was actually sunny and warm.

The children's playground featured some old components from the funicular.

The boys were really happy to run around for a while.

After multiple days of trying new foods (Elk sausage! Cloudberry jam!), we stopped at the most tastefully housed McDonald's ever.  You can just barely see the little yellow "M"s in the first floor windows.

We also shared some skillingsbolle, a cinnamon roll specialty of the town.

Buster selected the first souvenir of the trip - Moosey!

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