Sunday, August 03, 2014

Animals of the North - Crabs

After a morning learning about bears, we spent the afternoon fishing for crab.  The Russians brought the Alaskan king crab over here from the Bering sea a few decades ago, so they are the same type of crabs that they fish in the TV series Deadliest Catch - where ships brace against the rough seas and lives are at risk in great drama.

In contrast, we went out in a little boat in the lovely sunshine and pulled up a few traps at our leisure. Our hosts said that there are some shallow areas where you can catch king crabs by stabbing them with a sharp stick.

I still can't believe how big they are.

Once Buster got some protective gloves, he was willing to help fetch the wriggling crabs from the boat too.

He was quite delighted that the hillsides were covered with wild blueberry plants.

With no natural predators, the crabs have been taking over the local ecosystem.  So we're just doing our part to restore balance by eating crab legs.

Where was our other child?  Still gathering and eating blueberries.

Our host broke off a branch to take, so he could continue picking blueberries in the car!

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