Sunday, August 03, 2014

Animals of the North - Bears

Our hosts brought us to a wildlife research center that focuses on the study of brown bears.

The center was filled with interactive exhibits, like this bear model on which you could use wands to trigger information.

A brown bear will eat up to 90 liters of blueberries each day during autumn. I liked this bucket depiction, to show how much that is!

There was also an exhibit on the Sami, the indigenous nomads who follow their herds across the north.  I pointed out the sled to the boys, and told them that it would be pulled by reindeer.

Our host hastened to add, "Yes, reindeer, but they do not fly."

There was a dark stone "den" that the children were encouraged to investigate.  Buster choose to observe as the older ones went in, instinctively using their iPhones to light the way.  Some things are a little different these days, even when checking out nature.

Updated: Buster notes that he went in too, just a moment later when it wasn't as crowded. 

We had lunch (reindeer stew) at the bear center and then headed off to become crab fishermen! (next post.)

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Bob said...

That's a lot of blueberries.