Thursday, July 31, 2014

Train, Train, Train, Boat, Bus, Train

One of our longest travel days took us through spectacular views.  First we walked to the train station close to our hotel, took a quick hop to the central station, and waited for the line that goes to the west coast.

It was running late, so we had time to photograph our new waterproof shoes.  It was a drizzly day, but they kept our feet nice and dry.  The train finally came, almost an hour late.  I was worried about our connection to our next train leg, but figured that we were on the feeder train that probably supplied most if not all the passengers, so they'd probably hold it if necessary.  We got there with five minutes to spare, so I think it's a well practiced exchange.

The next leg is marketed as the Most Beautiful Railway in the World.  (Apparently, every railway is marketed this way, if you do any internet research.)  The first twenty minutes had everyone glancing out the windows for a spectacular view and then immediately plunging into another tunnel before you could say, "Oh!"  We joked that yes, this is the Most Beautiful Railway in the World if you're in a helicopter flying overhead, which is how all the publicity photos are taken.

Just as the frustration level among the passengers was hitting a breaking point, the train stopped at a platform and allowed everyone to get out and photograph the stunning waterfall. The train operators, they know what they're doing.

We had a moment for lunch after we disembarked and boarded a ferry that would take us through Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord.

Not sure why I have this fondness for narrow fjords, but they are really cool.

Even the most spectacular view is better with ice cream, of course.

It starting raining harder partway through the cruise, sending most of the passengers inside and leaving us lots of room on the deck.

A bus took us from the ferry to yet another train, and finally we arrived on the west coast.

We walked across to the park and arrived at our hotel - still light out at 10pm.  As the boys were fond of chanting - walk, train, train, train, boat, bus, train, walk!  We made it.

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