Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Travel Tips from the Pros

I've been collecting these travel articles for ages and just want to post them so I can find them later. I'm making a packing list for summer vacations, so it was the perfect time to review.

Penelope Trunk, as always, has some interesting and sharply worded thoughts on how you should try to maintain as much of a routine as usual, when you're on the road.

Ariana Huffington shares her thoughts.

This NY Times article about working mothers and business trips made me think, Really?  Is it really that hard?  Of course, my husband is a superhero, so that makes things easier for me.

Dan Pink has a whole series of travel tips.  This one is about avoiding sickness.

Booking a private tour guide can be an enlightening experience.

And now a whole bunch of packing lists.  This counts as fun for me!

The always awesome Digital Nomad, Andrew Evans. Camera and tech focused, since he photographs, blogs and tweets from the road for National Geographic. He just announced that he's going on sabbatical, so I'll have to dig into his archives.

Chookooloonks, also camera focused.

Chookooloonks again, this time camera and scuba gear.

The Unclutterer, pre-travel checklist

The Unclutterer, packing list.

And another packing list, from Wild Junket. More of a hard-core, long term traveler list.

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