Sunday, June 01, 2014

Rehearsal Tricks

We were invited to perform at the concert of one of our former troupes, so it's time to start rehearsing.

Taking rehearsal video has never been easier!  I propped up my iPad with some hand weights that were sitting in the studio and then we could review the piece immediately, without peering into a view-finder or transferring to other media.

Working on our kick line.

This was our trio a long time ago.  There are actually five of us in the photo, because K and I were both pregnant. (Our third dancer joked, "I'm so alone!" She has a toddler and a baby now, so she isn't going to dance with us for this show and another pal has joined us instead.)

How cliche - pregnant chorus girls!

So, how long ago was that picture?  Long enough that there are our giant children!  I had Q-ster and she had her second daughter nine years ago.

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