Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Les Miserables Evening

A couple of weeks ago, Q-ster, my dad, and I headed out to see the university's production of Les Miserables. There was to be an "opera-going experience" preceding the show, so we took the opportunity to dress up.  I wasn't able to convince Q-ster to wear his Enjolras vest, but he posed for me at home.

The pre-show was set in 1862, the year of the book's publishing, but I only have ballgowns from that era, plus hoops are a hassle in a modern theatre, so I went with the closest thing I had (1870's.)

It was such a fun evening and the production was very good.

The director (far left) was so pleased to see us in costume that she came up to greet us and pose for a picture!


Bob said...

That's what I call "looking good".

mayberry said...

Totally impressive!