Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Gauntlet

Buster has been crazy about the Super Hero Squad, which is a sort of kiddie version of the Marvel universe.  He's been particularly interested in having an "Infinity Gauntlet," so we did a Google search for some images.

Here's the official prop piece, probably from one of the Thor movies.

This image also came up.  Buster said that no, he wanted the jewels to be three-across the hand, instead of four-across.  I pointed out that the jewels are on each knuckle.  Hmmm.

It occurred to me that perhaps a kiddie version of the comic characters would have other simplifications as well.  Indeed.

Here's the Super Hero Squad version of the Infinity Gauntlet.  Thanos, the wearer of the Gauntlet, only has three fingers (like all the other characters, to preserve the cute stubbiness, I guess,) so having three jewels across the hand is consistent in design.

Me: Buster, you have five fingers.  Do you want five fingers on your gauntlet?
Buster: I want five fingers on the gauntlet, but I want the stones to match Super Hero Squad.

OK then.

In addition, I learned that the "stones" are not always placed in the gauntlet, since some episode are devoted to find them. In the picture above, you can see two missing stones.

I ordered some yellow gloves, velcro'd some rhinestones to a felt band, and here we are.

Infinity Gauntlet!

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Bob said...

Looks like he is doing a fist pump saying "Yes, I got the Infinity Gauntlet". Good job of creating one.