Sunday, March 02, 2014

Let It Go, Let It Go!

I had a blast watching the Oscars with SwingDaddy and the boys.

They patiently waited for Idina Menzel to sing the Frozen anthem, "Let It Go," and fortunately, the performance squeaked in just before their bedtime.

 John Travolta got confused and stumbled over her name in the introduction, saying "Adela Dazeem," which sparked immediate merriment on the web. Someone registered a Twitter account, @AdelaDazeem and tweeted, "THANK YOU, JORN TROMOLTO!"  Slate posted a name generator to get your "Travoltified" name.

My favorite video of Idina singing "Let It Go" is with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, playing school room instruments on the Tonight Show.  They even have a vintage Casio mini keyboard!

"Let It Go" won for Best Original Song, of course. How cute and talented are married songwriting couple Robert Lopez and Kristin Anderson-Lopez?  They had a little rhyming thank you speech, as befits a lyrics team.

An earlier picture of them with their daughters at Disneyland.

Apparently, there was an "Oscars concert" earlier in the week where John Williams and the other nominated score composers conducted their works and the nominated songs were performed as well.  Kristin sang "Let It Go" and Bobby accompanied her on piano.  I haven't been able to find a video clip of that yet, but I'd love to see it!

Here's Bobby with the "EGOT" macaroni necklace made by his daughters.  He's the twelfth person to have won an Emmy (Wonder Pets,) Grammy (Book of Mormon,) Oscar (Frozen,) and Tony (Book of Mormon.)

Such a glamorous evening!


mayberry said...

Oh my gosh. That EGOT necklace is the best! I loved their acceptance poem.

Bob said...

Great write up.
See Idiana's Vera Wang dress

And I have one of those Casio mini keyboard too. Really useful for checking which key it is, for someone who does not have perfect pitch.