Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lego-ing Away

The micro-dude assembled the latest package sent from Pleygo (now re-branded as "Pley",) a Lego Ninjago samurai mech.  He was pretty happy with the samurai (Look! One big claw hand and one sword hand!), but we hit some frustration points over missing pieces.  Fortunately, his personal Lego collection is large enough that he was able to find substitute pieces that were close enough to make the set work.

A few months ago, Pleygo sent a questionnaire asking what other toys we'd like added to their catalog.  Thomas the Train? No, we've outgrown that era.  A snap-circuit like package?  Yes, that sounds cool.  But mostly, I just wanted them to have more of the sets that they were already advertising. I was very pleased with their service originally - kits were quick to arrive and very complete.

However, the last couple of months have shown strain in their infrastructure.  Growing pains. Kits took an extra week or two to arrive, due to lack of stock.  When they arrive, they're missing pieces.   They sent an email recently saying that they got an enormous quantity of new stock, so we'll give it another month or two.  I'd like to see them succeed!  It'll keep us from drowning in little plastic bricks.

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Bob said...

Pleygo or Pley may have to hire him to test assemble for missing pieces.