Thursday, March 13, 2014

Food Truck Fantasy

The elementary school announced an art show, but the boys weren't all that interested and it was a busy week, so we didn't plan to go.

Then they both came home yesterday with exclamation of "There will be food trucks at the art show! Can we go?  Please? Foodtruckfoodtruckfoodtrucks!"

Uh, ok.

So we went, and I'm glad we did, because their art teacher is really amazing.  She designs projects for them that really look like art.

Q-ster's line drawings.

Buster next to his fox drawing (to his immediate right.)

We lined up at a food truck and waited and waited.  I think they were somewhat understaffed and the boys lost interest quickly.  The idea of food coming from a truck was really exciting, but the actual gourmet pulled pork and Korean tacos weren't enough to keep them in line.  We got McDonald's. Ahem.

It was a fun outing.

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Bob said...

They are good fox drawings.