Thursday, March 20, 2014

Benefits to Having No Data Privacy

The other day, I read some columnist muse that since the NSA knows how much money we make, how we spend it, and just about everything else, could they just do our taxes for us?  It only seems fair.

In any case, I've done our taxes.

In other news, we've finally broken down and allowed projectiles in the house, since the boys have gone crazy over Nerf weaponry. Buster isn't even that interested in the darts - he just runs around with his Nerf bow, pretending to be Hawkeye.  Q-ster is doing target practice with his Nerf weapon and admiring his father's (bigger, of course) Nerf gun.  I chose a crossbow, like my sister, for good measure.  I think real archery ranges have been seeing an uptick in interest, thanks to the Hunger Games series.

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