Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Jellyfish of Peace

We enjoyed watching the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony and were impressed with the projection system they had on the stadium floor.  Wow, a technical and artistic success.  The War and Peace ballet was beautiful, and we noticed that the prima ballerina looked distinctly like Audrey Hephburn.

The commentators got a bit repetitive, harping at how the ceremony was clearly only highlighting the good stuff about Russian history and brushing over all the people who died in regime brutality.  Of course it's propaganda!  What do you expect?  Did anyone really think that Putin was going to have them stage a scene where a thousand extras run onstage and collapse to the ground, representing the 20 million people killed by Stalin?  Every country shows off what they want to show off, especially the one in question.

Someone on Twitter made a similar comment and received a flood of replies from Canadians who pointed out that they were quite modest in their claims at the Vancouver Games, as is their way.

Another element from the opening ceremony that I have to highlight is the "Doves of Peace" dance, which was performed to gorgeous music of Swan Lake.  It was even more cross-species confused when it really looked like Jellyfish of Peace.

Later, when the camera panned out more, you could see the dancers spin, and the strands of their costumes made the shape of doves - ah, I get it now.

But Jellyfish of Peace are kind of nice too.


mayberry said...

I thought of jellyfish too - and wondered how difficult it was to dance in those costumes!

Bob said...

I think it's jellyfish, just like cirque du soleil. The Audrey Hephburn look, from hairdo , dress everything down to the last detail for prima ballerina Diana Vishneva:- Maybe the designer George Tsypin who worked on big Broadway musicals likes Audrey Hephburn.