Monday, February 24, 2014

Olympic Reflections

A few favorite quotes and moments, now that the 2014 Winter Olympics are over.

The fabulously attired Norwegian curling team lost their match, leading to the headline that "The team and their pants have left Sochi."

(Getty Images)

During the closing ceremony, two proscenium arches were presented with a giant chandelier in between. They didn't match (one red and one blue), so I wondered, could it be?  Yes, indeed!  The Bolshoi Ballet lined up in front of one, and the Mariinsky Ballet lined up in front of the other.  The legendary rival ballet companies!

SwingDaddy and immediately wondered if they would stage a fight, or at least a dance-off, West Side Story-style. Sadly, no, but the dancing was beautiful.

(Getty Images/Adrian Dennis)

(Getty Images/Matthew Stockman)

The best sense of humor award goes to the moment when the bespangled dancers on the stadium floor made a formation of four rings and a snowflake, before opening up into the five Olympic rings, making light of the malfunction in the opening ceremony.


mayberry said...

LOVE that headline! Ha!

Bob said...

Being able to make fun on oneself is the best way to get out of a embarrassing situation.