Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Food and Friends

We hosted an annual dinner gathering of friends in January, and it was delightful to see everyone. We last hosted five years ago, just a year after we'd moved into the house, so there was essentially no furniture. That's quite excusable, right after a move, but five years later . . .

That gave us a little motivation to finally pick out furniture.  We got a great new dining room table and ordered a sofa for the living room that will arrive in a few months.  It's great to fit a big party comfortably at the table!

There was the usual exchange of crazy gifts, like steampunk goggles.

And very authentic replica light sabers (from our pal who now works at ILM.)

The children have all gotten so big.  The first dinner was 18 years ago, 8 years preceding the birth of the eldest.

The theme this year was China and the Chinese abroad, with various interpretations in costuming.

I ordered cute little Chinese zodiac magnets (the round disc on the left, not the clay figurine) from etsy and made table decorations with everyone's symbol at their place setting.

A fine time was had by all!


Bob said...

You all looked great all dressed up.
And the children looked so cute.

Anonymous said...

a fine time was indeed had by all!!

Mme A