Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A Weekend with Clifford


Buster enjoyed his week as Star Student and was particularly thrilled to bring home Clifford, a plush version of the Big Red Dog, and two Clifford books of his choice for the weekend.

My parents, remembering the stories from when they read them to my sister and me, were somewhat alarmed - just how big was this Clifford? Buster had perhaps exaggerated a bit, as it was a large toy, but fortunately not house-sized.

Clifford went to piano lessons with us.

Got some sleep.

Drove with us to Cirque du Soleil.

(Although he waited in the car for the actual show.)

Coincidentally, Buster's cousin was also star student this week, and got to bring home Chester the(plush) raccoon for the weekend.  The mascot animals got a chance to socialize during our family Chinese New Year lunch.

We wrapped up the weekend with the Superbowl. It was a blowout - two touchdowns before I managed to even sit down, but Clifford didn't seem to mind.

I printed out photos to put in the classroom journal and Buster carefully wrote his adventures with Clifford.  It seemed too meta to include this last photo in the journal, but I thought it was cute, the micro dude looking so pleased with his story and hugging Clifford.


Bob said...

What a lovely adventure, and documented too.

mayberry said...

Sweet! Clifford really lucked out in having so many fun things to do with your family. ;)