Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Letter of the Law

Kindergarten instructions: Illustrate one of the facts about bears that you listed on the previous page.

Buster explains, "This is the polar bear's cave in the ice.  He left to go catch some fish, so he's not in the picture."

Expedient.  This is also the child who drew some trees with tails hanging out of the leaves when asked to draw monkeys.  "The monkeys are hidden behind the leaves, so all you can see are their tails."

P.S. We did ask him to add a small bear to his cave picture.


mayberry said...

I love it. Creative problem-solving!

Anonymous said...

Has he read Le Petit Prince? (the sheep in the box passage...)

Mme A

Bob said...

Next time ask him to draw a dinosaur:-

No drawing needed, they are extinct.