Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The First Quarterly

I love the latest incarnation of subscriptions, or at least the idea of them.  The highly popular Birchbox send monthly boxes filled with the latest in makeup, and there are subscriptions for accessories and even clothes.  The idea is that you're choosing curation - someone whose taste you trust is choosing things that you'll probably like, but have not run across before.

I've really been tempted by the idea of getting pretty boxes of makeup in the mail, but realistically, they'd sit unused on my dresser forever.  I already have plenty of "Clinique Free Gift with Purchase" bags that are unopened.  I'm just not that adventurous with makeup.

Then I ran into the perfect thing.  An organizer's subscription series!  What's not to like! (At least for  me.)

I'm a regular reader of the Unclutterer blog, which gives all sorts of suggestions on organizing one's life, and they put together a Quarterly subscription.  When SwingDaddy asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I actually had a suggestion.

The first box arrived yesterday.  It included a colorful collapsible colander that I'd eyed at the store a few weeks ago (practical! space saving!) and a set of matching collapsible and adorable measuring spoons. There was also a tool for stacking cans or bottles in the refrigerator, and a multi-level unit useful for seeing all the cans one stores in a pantry. 

I think we'll use all of these, with the exception of the multi-level tool - we have sliding drawer/shelves for the pantry, so it's actually pretty easy to see in the back of the pantry. There may be something else we can do with it, or I'll pass it along to someone else.

I'm looking forward to the spring organizing package!


mayberry said...

The multi-level unit sounds perfect for the Model Shop owners to display their wares!

Stimey said...

That's really pretty clever!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool.

Fourth B