Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Big Chill

All this chatter of the polar vortex, made me think about my weekend in New York City in December.  After innumerable trips to icy Scandinavia, my winter boots touched American soil for the first time! I texted this photo to my Nordic friends early in the day, before the snow really started pounding.

I told them I brought all the gear I usually take when I go to Europe in the winter, so for a Californian, I felt very prepared for the weather - Warm jacket with perfectly shaped hood over a down layer; thermals under my jeans and wool legwarmers over them; waterproof boots.  As my colleague replied, it was nice to squeeze out some extra return-on-investment from the winter clothes on this trip.

Stay warm!

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Bob said...

Back to childhood days.
Increase ROI yes.