Monday, January 27, 2014

Star Student

This week is Buster's turn as "Star Student" in kindergarten. He filled out his poster with pictures and drawings, and he gets to bring in an item for Show and Tell each day.  Today, he chose to bring a Rainbow Loom bracelet, which he later told me he gave to one of his little friends.

His favorite place is home.

and when he grows up, he wants to "be a police."  We assume police officer, but couldn't convince him to add extra words.  He was able to copy the spelling from his Lego box and felt quite proud of being self sufficient.

His favorite color was listed as yellow.  Yellow?  I thought it was green, dude.  Well now, he likes gold better, but he couldn't spell gold, so he wrote yellow instead.  That one, we convinced him to erase and helped him spell gold.

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