Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Creative

  It started off small, with Buster building a few little models. We had watched the direct-to-DVD Lego movie "Clutch Powers," where the animated Lego minifig hero "gets creative" and saves the day by building things out of nearby Lego bricks, so he told us he was "getting creative."  Hooray, sometimes media sends kids in good directions too!

This one is some kind of police tower, with siren and security camera.  Really, the micro dude is talking about security cameras like he is part of the surveillance nation already.

 And then with his brother's input, it turned into a whole assortment of models.

Buster built a drum kit, re-using some Batman pieces.

Q-ster built a whole band, complete with singer and microphone in the front, next to the guitarist, and keyboardist and drummer to complete the team.

They added price tags on sticky notes and turned their work into a "Model Shop."  Enterprising!

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