Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Four years ago, my parents gave the boys a fabulous slide that we've kept in our furniture-less living room.

At first, they would slide down it.  It didn't take long for them to climb up it, slide down backwards and upside down.  They sat underneath, when the slide took the place of a spaceship. It was turned over sideways to serve as a barricade for Les Miserables.  It's been great, but now that they were launching themselves from the top and hurling their bodies through the air a little too often, it seemed like it was time to pass it along.

We gave the slide to a family with a rambunctious two year old this weekend.  I was a little wistful for our little boys growing big, but just for a moment.  Big boys now!

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mayberry said...

We have one like that in our backyard, which is used much the same way. I recently realized it's probably time to return it to the neighbors who gave it to us--now that they have two baby granddaughters!