Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Sugar

Back in December . . .

SwingDaddy and boys made fudge (chocolate, butterscotch and white chocolate) to give to family and teachers for the holidays.  I found clever little containers for it and the boys made labels.  The sweets were quite popular at the office too!

I went to school to help for Kindergarten Gingerbread House Day.  They didn't actually use gingerbread, which made things more manageable for a large group of five year olds.  Everyone got a kit of foam pieces to mount on a "house."

The adults were in charge of applying Elmer's glue to whatever pieces the kids wanted to apply.  I was really impressed with how I could hand Buster a tiny foam candy cane with glue on one side, and he could take it from me, carefully holding the edges and attaching it to the house, all without getting any glue on himself.  Those fine motor skills from hours of Lego are really coming in handy.


Bob said...

Early dexterity training pays off.
But quite a pay off for Lego too. Ha Ha.

mayberry said...

Love the way the house turned out! And it lasts longer than the edible kind ;)