Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some Kind of Mechanical Genius

I come from the video business, so it's bizarre adjusting to my new job, where there's so little equipment.  I helped my boss's administrative assistant order a system so that our team can have video meetings, and it arrived last week.  Time to set it up.

I actually recorded a how-to video on how to install one these fellows, but I was the talking head saying, "next, run the cables through the channel," not the person actually doing anything.  That meant that I was in the embarrassing position of needing to watch my own darn installation video to figure out what to do.

Well, it was easy!  I called my pal who was the product manager to give him my compliments at the construction elegance. I needed to get some help lifting the 68 pound display onto the base I'd assembled, but the rest was fine.

There was an unexpected side effect too - engineers stopping by in the room were kind of impressed as I unboxed the touch screen, bolted the pedestal, and ran the cables.  I think they were mostly software people, so I looked unusually skilled.

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Bob said...

Proved that you are an engineering major after all.