Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Random Trio

 Not even a pretense of a coherent set of topics today.

I helped out in kindergarten today, and I was given a set of tasks, one which was perfect for me, and the other, which was something that strikes terror in my heart.

The pile on the left was a stack of construction paper that needed to be cut in prescribed sizes.  Great! Geometry, mathematics, figuring out the cutting pattern that maximizes use of the paper, using the nice, tidy paper cutter.

The pile on the right was a set of circles that needed to be cut out by hand.  I mostly got them to look like circles.  Or at least complex polyhedrons.

Topic two:  Hooray!  I found large array of my favorite apples at the grocery store - Red Romes!

Topic three: I was approached by a PR company that wanted to pay me to write a post about a Twinkie and Minion sweepstakes event, possibly because I'd written this one, but I declined because I never get around to writing reviews and then have to feel guilty about it.  I tried going to the Facebook page to find out whether there would be special boxes of Twinkies with Minion detailing, but in order to click through, I have to agree to grant Hostess access to my friends list or something. So I clicked cancel.

If anyone sees Twinkie Minions in the store, let me know!

P.S. One more piece of fun - check out the Sesame Street parody, "Lord of the Crumbs," starring Cookie Monster and ME PRECIOUS!

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Bob said...

Twinkies the SWEETEST comeback, "like".

Lord of the Crumbs is good, got to see the Hungry Games parody too.

After reluctantly eating the clock, Cookie Monster said "I'm glad that we don't have to play that game again" and the side-kick said " You know they are making a third movie right?". Also Cookie Monster's side-kick is pita bread (Peeta).