Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Fun and Games

We've been playing "Ticket to Ride," which is a great board game involving building train routes between cities.  The original version covers the United States, and SwingDaddy got me the Nordic edition, which adds tunneling through mountains and building ferry routes in Northern Europe.

I drew a card requiring me to build a super long path, all the way from Copenhagen to Murmansk.  I did it!

I took a picture to show my friend who lives above the Arctic Circle - I even got the tracks to reach his remote hometown.

And in totally unrelated entertainment news, Q-ster and I have been watching episodes of Mythbusters.  Our recent favorite was the series of experiments they did to see what would happen if you threw a styrofoam cup of soda out the window while driving at highway speeds and it hit the windshield of a car coming in the opposite direction.

Sure enough, they got a slushie to crack the windshield!  Messy and fun.

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mayberry said...

I just got that game (Europe edition) for my brother, and everyone played it a bunch during Thanksgiving! Now O. wants the US edition for Christmas.