Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pondering Pilgrim, Plus Breakfast Wars

The kindergarteners made both Pilgrim and Indian costumes to wear for their upcoming Thanksgiving feast.  Buster has chosen to be an Indian, so he brought home his pilgrim costume and obliged me in a request to put it on.  Can't wait to see the little ones in action.

This morning, I was tidying up in the kitchen when the boys launched the latest version of breakfast wars. The world has gotten so much more exciting now that Buster can read.

Q-ster: How much vitamin A do you have?
Buster, reading off the Kix cereal box: 15
Q, reading off the Crispex box: I have 25!

B: How much calcium do you have?

And so forth.
I suppose a little nutritional competition never hurt anyone.


Bob said...

Looked really cute in his Pilgrim costume. The hat is not easy to make.

mayberry said...

Love the concept of breakfast wars! And of course the Pilgrim is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Adore the photo and the wars