Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Minion Love

I was late to my sister's birthday lunch because I saw this.  This!  A life sized (or at least what I imagine to be life size for a minion) plush minion!   He was in the t-shirt section at Target, next to the minion t-shirts, without any other plush nearby.  It turns out he's a backpack, but there were no other plush minions to be found - not in the toy department, not in the luggage department with the other backpacks, nor in the children's bedding department, where they have plenty of other licensed plush creatures.

The fellow above had a damaged strap on his overalls, so I didn't want to get that particular one, and the whole time I was running around the store, I was very torn, because I've declared a moratorium on stuffed animals in our house, particularly large ones.  But it's a minion!  And I could have gotten him for my sister!

After cooling off, I realize it was probably best that I'd just taken a picture to admire him.  We have enough plush friends.

I did a web search, just for kicks.  The fellow above is Stuart.

I sort of prefer the two eyed minions. This one is Jerry, also a backpack.

My favorite minion is Dave. This one is cute, but too backpacky.

Here's Dave again, this time as a USB memory stick.

It was a fun google search, but I think I'm content with the minions we got in the Happy Meals.

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Bob said...

The USB minion is very realistic looking, but not huggable.