Monday, November 04, 2013

Homecoming, the Techie Part of Campus

More from my college reunion tour. In this episode, the stuff that changed a lot.

SwingDaddy and I standing on the site where the Physics tank used to be.  They demolished it and put up the infinitely more attractive Gordon and Betty Moore Materials Research Building.  (You know, Moore's Law?  That guy.)  I really disliked the uncomfortable seats in the physics auditorium, so I don't miss the old building at all - it was designed for men, with large seats that either left my feet dangling or unable to reach the backrest.

We also walked by Terman Fountain, which is the only thing left from the Terman Engineering building.  All that's left is a hole in the ground.  A quite graceful, well landscaped hole, but there it is.

The new Huang engineering building has this gorgeous stepped path on one side, comfortable for students to gather, sit, and study, and a gracious entrance on the other.

The whole complex is designed to be super-eco, with mounds on the lawn (photo above) to help rainwater absorb better into the ground and very low energy usage in the buildings.

The view from the 4th floor balcony.

Most of all, I love how the new arrangement of quadrangles ties the whole campus together, without the impediments of the old structures that acted as barricades.  This was the original conception of designer Frederick Law Olmsted (famous for Central Park in NYC,) so it's lovely to see it come together, a century later.

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