Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cake Ambitions

I was reading through this month's edition of InStyle, and the foodie section caught my eye, for once.

It's a Mondrian cake!  It used to be available at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art cafe, but while they are closed for renovations, you can mail order them.

It make me think of rainbow cakes that I've seen online. This one is certainly startlingly bright.

I love, love, love the attention to detail in this leprechaun trap cake.  You have to check out the whole post.  I thought I'd linked to it before, but I can't find where.  I dream of making such a cake, but there's no way I'd have the patience.

I might hope for succeeding in making layered jello, like our friends back in January.

Totally unrelated to cakes, but in the same issue of InStyle - the blinged-out KitchenAid mixer, for your gift giving pleasure.  How does one wash one of these, I ask?

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Bob said...

The first cake is incredible, Wow.