Thursday, October 03, 2013

Patents, Cattle, School

Some tough things happening in my old organization at work, so to forget about them for a while, here are some fun things:

1) My very first patent was issued by the US Patent Office last week! To celebrate, I'm having lunch with my former colleagues were also on the patent team.

2) Reading lots of stories about the frontier and pioneer days as a child led to lots of imaginative stories about the lives of cowboys.  I loved this series of photos by the Pioneer Woman about her family (husband, four kids, and brother-in-law) herding cattle.  This is how it's done!  Part 1 and part 2.

3) We had great parent-teacher conferences with Q-ster and Buster's teachers today. It's a good start to the year.


Anonymous said...

hooray, patent-holder!! congratulations.


Bob said...

Yes, your fist patent, Yaaay.

Gathering steers:- Most important- dogs and lots of people ( sons and daughters) and horses.

Good to keep your mind away for sad news.