Monday, October 14, 2013

Josh in Concert

 My dad and I had a great time at Josh Groban's concert last week.

I went to one of his early tours, probably in 2004-ish, when there was just one special effect in the show - a dramatic "fall" (onto a hidden airbag) at the end of "If I Fall," and he accompanied himself on the piano for an extra encore.  He already had a great ability to tell self-deprecating jokes and connect with the audience, besides showing off his glorious voice.

The stage in the round, as we entered the arena.

You could see the projections on both sides of the screens, but we were close enough that we didn't need to watch them much.  When he sat at the piano, he was facing us, so I figure we had the perfect seats.

Josh told a great story about his big break on Ally McBeal.  Originally, he had a tiny part - he'd be singing for about 30 seconds at a wedding scene, and the big guest star of the week was Robert Downey, Jr.  Unfortunately, three days before the episode was scheduled to tape, Robert was arrested (back in his problem days) and in jail.  Show creator David Kelley asked Josh, " So, do you act?"

He joked, "Why of course, I played Tevye in the school production of Fiddler on the Roof!" He ended up with a big part and two songs - a huge break for a teenage kid still to record his first album.  You never know when opportunities will show up!

There were lots of catcalls from the audience, something he claimed to revel in, as a former high-school nerd.

After enjoying all the music and encores, we plodded through the post-concert arena traffic and discovered another thing - Like Josh Groban, his fans are very nice.  Everyone took turns merging very politely and graciously. After you!

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Bob said...

The right singer, the right songs and the right audience. What an evening.