Monday, October 28, 2013

Homecoming, Back on Campus

It was good to be back on campus for my college reunion last week. We used to spend at least an evening per week there, teaching or performing dance, for years after we graduated, but the last few years have been focused elsewhere (cough! children!)

After the university president gave his address (Highlight: Undergraduates who come from families making less than $60k per year are given full scholarships including tuition, room, and board.  Undergraduates who come from families making less than $100k per year receive free tuition.), Katie Couric hosted a panel on "Are You Happy Now? The New Science of Happiness and Wellbeing."

I've enjoyed Gretchen Rubin's books and blog on the Happiness Project, and this was an interesting contrast, featuring a professor of pyschopathology (biology focused,) a professor of psychology, David Kelley (founder of the at Stanford and the legendary design company IDEO), a professor from the school of business, and a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences who studies stress, immunity, and health.

Gretchen's research is really interesting - she reads, she observes herself and others around her.  These professors were talking about studies that they or their research assistants conducted themselves, medical advances, scientific implications.  Fascinating!  Happiness vs meaning, was a important focus of the discussion, which is available for viewing here.

I attended another panel, some receptions, and a campus tour  (more on that in another post,) on the first day, and came back with the whole family for the second day.  We participated in a scavenger hunt that took us around campus and had lunch with some of my classmates.

The Kids Tailgate was cleverly positioned right next to our class tent (the planners have the demographics of the attendees, after all!), so the boys enjoyed popcorn and sno-cones.

Buster has been wanting a "pointer" for some time now, and while it doesn't seem to be a bright moment for foam fingers in pop culture (thanks, Miley Cyrus), we let him get one.  Q-ster chose a baseball cap as his souvenir.

A gorgeous, sunny day!

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Bob said...

What a well planned happy event.
"I met this button at Stanford".

mayberry said...

Looks wonderful! I haven't been back to my U. in forever and I would love to take my kids someday.