Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Leader in the Works

Q-ster mentioned over homework yesterday, "I'm running for student council."

Oh!  That's kinda cool. He pulled out his speech from his backpack.

I can be a responsible reporter.  I am also good at taking notes.  I would be a good role model and accept other's ideas for special days. I promise to be a good leader and a good and responsible person to help represent Room (X). Please vote for me and I will treat Room (X) with respect.  I would always have a positive attitude.  I would do my work correctly.

I asked who else from his class was running.  "We all are," he said.  I think the teacher did a good job encouraging the kids to learn about civic participation!

While we were getting dinner ready tonight, he casually said, "I'm on the student council."

Congratulations! Apparently, each class elects two representatives to the student council, and now he will have occasional lunch meetings.  I'm not really sure what an elementary school student council does, but I suppose they choose things like Spirit Day themes (wacky hair day, sports jersey day, etc.)

New experiences for our boy!


Bob said...

I can see it now:-

"Here's my Campaign slogan for running for president".

Then a few minutes later " I am the president"

mayberry said...

That is great! I'd totally vote for him based on that campaign speech!