Thursday, October 24, 2013

Burps, Farts, Cooking

SwingDaddy went to see The Edible Inevitable Tour, featuring Alton Brown, best know for hosting Iron Chef and his own show, Good Eats.  He's more of a food engineer than hoity-toity chef, full of facts about how food, ingredients, and tools work.

It was a great show!  We ran into several friends there unexpectedly (fellow geeky types are drawn to his show, I guess,) and enjoyed the songs, silliness (such as a MEGA-bake, a zillion watt version of an Easy Bake oven,) and even a couple of songs about food.  Some key pieces of Alton Brown advice include teaching your kids to cook (of course,) and never eating airport shrimp cocktail.

I took the photo above during the pre-show video, where an Alton puppet was instructing and a few yeast puppets were belching and making other yeastily unbecoming noises.  Then they made the standard announcement of turning off your phones and not taking pictures.  I didn't take more, but Alton did and posted to Twitter.  I should have gone ahead to take a few more pictures, because he retweeted a bunch.

Anyhow, now we're inspired to cook more, although perhaps not in a giant easy bake oven.


Bob said...

How interesting, his promo videos are well done too.

mayberry said...

Sounds very fun!