Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bowser and Bandit at Halloween

Buster declared that he wanted to be Bowser for Halloween.  Who? Bowser is some kind of turtle-dragon character from the Super Mario world who was going to be a little challenging to costume.  I had to do some the heavy thinking on the architecture of shell, but I worked out how to attach soft spikes and stuff the whole thing so it'd be like a pillow backpack.

Then I looked up some more images online and realized that Bower had a tail.  A trip to the fabric store, some more spikes, a hat, and there we have it!  Not exactly symmetrical, but Buster was pleased and immensely huggable.

Last year, Buster wanted to be Batman, which was solved in a quick trip to Target, and Q-ster wanted to be the blue wizard Jace Beleren, which took a lot of sewing.  Fortunately, this year, Q-ster chose to be a bandit, which he put together from pieces already in his closet.

Both boys made out like bandits in the trick or treating tonight!

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mayberry said...

I love a huggable dragon. Nice work!