Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Powdery Sense of Humor

Is this contraband that we found in our child's backpack?  No, it's a school assignment.

We received a notice from Q-ster's teacher that the third grade students are going to create a relief map with baker's clay, so could they please each bring in one cup of salt and a half cup of flour in the provided baggie.

I totally hope that the day they all show up to school with baggies of white powder is during Just Say No to Drugs Week, or whatever it's called these days.  It would show an immense sense of humor by the administrators.

I find that as Q-ster grows up, his stories are more his own and I don't write them here as often.  I'm afraid it looks unbalanced - so many more photos of his little brother - but I also don't want to post things that might make him embarrassed if his friends read them.  I suppose the extra coverage Buster gets now makes up for the years before he was born.

So I'll continue writing the sharable memories, and more of Q-ster's stories will go into a private journal.  It's life as I experience it, but only part of it.  SwingDaddy still writes almost every day too, and it's life as he experiences it, what he sees and does with the kids and me.  There are missing pieces in his blog that don't cover the things I do with the kids, the way there are (many more) missing pieces in mine.  At one point, we were approached by some PhD students who were researching personal blogs.  The scheduling didn't work out, so we didn't meet, but I think we would have been interesting subjects.  Both our blogs have run over seven years now, and give different perspectives on many of the same incidents.  In a way, they are two halves of a whole.

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Bob said...

Does look like a dangerous thing to have in your school bag. What's next, a straw too?