Sunday, October 06, 2013

15 Revisited

 I was in Scandinavia for our actual 15th wedding anniversary, so we had a lovely little getaway this weekend.

My parents were kind enough to watch the boys, and we spent an evening by the sea, having a leisurely dinner, a good walk, and uninterrupted conversation.  Except for some noisy sea lions who sounded all the world like car alarms, that is.

All along Cannery Row, there are the vintage labels of companies and their products embedded into the sidewalk, so you can see the history of what was there before the fancy restaurants and kitschy t-shirt shops.

Gorgeous day.  We'll go back with the boys and go sea kayaking next time!


Bob said...

Happy 15th wedding anniversary, and "My-- Great Desserts"

mayberry said...

Happy belated! Love those vintage labels.