Monday, September 23, 2013

Not a Newspaper

A couple of years ago, I was out to dinner with some of my Scandinavian friends at this restaurant that was all about local ingredients and traditions with a twist, you know the kind.  Borderline pretentious, but mostly in good fun.

One of the appetizers was toasted bread, wrapped on a stick.  My companions explained that it's actually one of their camping customs.  You bring dough, wrap it on a stick, and toast it over the campfire. Very charming, and tasty too.

As I munched away on the bread and reached the supporting stick, I exclaimed, "It's a REAL stick!"

Everyone laughed.  "Of course it is a real stick.  What else would it be?  Our country is filled with forests."

"In the US," I explained, "This would be a piece of plastic, carefully shaped to look like a stick.  And it would probably be stamped 'Made in China.' Because who knows where that stick has been . . Is it clean?  Could someone get a splinter from it and sue?"

They thought this was kind of hilarious, but acknowledged that I was probably right.

Of course I was right.  Saturday night, SwingDaddy and I went out with some friends and someone ordered a basket of fries, which came in a basket lined with newspaper - traditional fish'n'chips style.

Or was it newspaper?

No, it was not.  It was wax paper, printed on the outside with decorative graphics to make a faux newspaper.

That's how we roll in this country!


Bob said...

I remember they used real newspaper for wrapping fry dough in HK in the old days. This is much better.

Anonymous said...

That bread looks sooo good.