Sunday, September 29, 2013


In this case, it's supposed to be matchy-matchy: one's makeup.  I saw an an in InStyle for Sephora's Color IQ event, so I stopped in the store while I was at the mall over the weekend.  I thought there would be a long line and a long process, but it surprisingly and kind of unceremoniously quick.

The makeup artist held a special scanner to my skin at neck, cheek, and forehead, and in about two seconds, the computer emailed me a list of 15-20 makeup products that would "perfectly" match my skin tone.  Now I know why marketers sometimes add the appearance of complexity, so that you feel like you're getting a lot of value.

I've actually used two of the products on the list before (one by Clinique and one by Smashbox,) so perhaps the list will be handy in the future. The plus side of the fast process was that I didn't feel obligated to spend a lot of money at the store, since I hadn't used up more than a moment of the makeup artist's time.

I wonder if you're supposed to get rematched when the seasons change, for tanned and untanned skin, or if sunblock has changed the equation so much that most people don't look that different year-round.  My problem is that I love the idea of makeup much more than actually learning how to apply it well or wear it any differently than my usual routine.  Time and money saved, I guess!

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