Monday, September 30, 2013

Looney Octo-Ballooney

SwingDaddy rode 100 miles in a cancer fundraiser this weekend!  He raise a good sum of money for the university cancer institute (where he and many of our friends were treated in the past) and got to ride with some fun pros.

Buster and I joined him at the post-ride gathering while we were waiting to pick up Q-ster from a laser-tag birthday party.  We spied a balloon artist while his booth was empty and approached.

Buster couldn't think of what to ask him for, so the artist observed the octopus on the little guy's t-shirt and offered to make him a balloon octopus.


First, he made the head out of what seemed to be an alien face.  Then he made the legs - I love this curling technique:

First, he pumped up the long balloons to loosen up the latex and let them deflate.  Then he wrapped the deflated balloon around a tube.

And pumped it up, slowly releasing it as it filled, resulting in a curly balloon.  It took some time to prep all the legs, and a crowd had gathered to observe.

Then he wrapped the four long balloons in half around the head, creating an eight legged octopus!

Buster was pretty delighted!  And we are all proud of SwingDaddy.

On our way out, we passed by the balloon tent and let the artist know that everyone had been very impressed by the octopus.  He grinned and pointed at a little kid walking off . . . carrying an octopus too!  Apparently, they were now in high demand.

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Bob said...

Way to go Ryan. And how Buster's T-shirt inspired the balloonist to create an octopus hit.