Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flashback to Orlando - Wildlife Edition

When we were at Disneyworld last summer, we stayed at a hotel within the ground of their Animal Kingdom resort, which meant that we saw really cool creatures every time we stood on the hotel balcony.

We saw lots of great giraffes.  Zebras and ostriches too, although I didn't get any remarkable pictures of those.

The flamingos were having some kind of showing-off drama.

And when they would raise their wings, they were bright pink and black underneath.

This is a sable antelope, the source of the sable coats so fashionable in the early 20th century.  So, they're on the endangered species list.  I had no idea sable came from antelopes - I thought it was a little furry animal like a mink.

I think this one is a Pushmepullyou, from Dr. Doolittle.

Our wizardly animal observers.


Bob said...

Wonder how a sable antelope can use its horns when they are pointed at itself (almost).

mayberry said...

What a great place to stay! That is so cool.