Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finding the Restroom, Overseas Edition

It's been hard for me to write about a lot of things for the last couple of months, all related to changing my job and leaving a team that I really adore.  I'm enjoying my new job and settling in now, but it's still a daunting task to look at all the pictures and emotions from my last trip to Scandinavia and figure out how to tell it all.

So, I suppose I'll do my usual thing and either skip it all, or post little bits at a time.  Here's the first tiny, silly piece.

I read BonggaMom's post about how she loves the creative boys/girls, princes/princesses, cowboys/cowgirls restroom signs at theme parks, so I'll post these:

Yep, even the ladies and gents in the bathrooms have skis, when you're in a ski nation.

(The second one is a little blurry because I was in a hurry.  It would too weird to explain to a strange man exiting the restroom why exactly I was photographing . . .)


mayberry said...

I like seeing those too. Years ago Jeff and I thought about doing a book of creative men/women signs. I guess now it would be a Tumblr...

Bongga Mom said...

OMG I love those! Seriously, how hard is it to think up of a creative Boys/Girls sign and have it made, right? So little effort, and it makes such a huge difference in the guests' experience.