Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bath Bombs

At the end of August, we said good-bye to a Scandinavian colleague who had spent a month here with his family, and he kindly brought presents for the boys.  Bathtime fun! (Plus, an octopus mascot!)

The brand seems to be "Tinti," which may or may not have the same meaning as in English - Tints, or changes of colors.  The first was a colored bath foam.  We think it might be soap, but we're not sure since I didn't run the label through Google translate.  In any case, the boys had fun.  I had them start in the sink, but later, they demanded full-on baths with the second gift.

I know of them as "bath bombs."  Put them in the water and you get some fizzing, scents, and a lot of color, all in a matter of moments.

Shortly after, the entire bathtub was fuchsia.  The boys were delighted with the vivid colors.

Here's the yellow one in the sink.

A few days later, Buster requested that my colleague come back to visit again, and that "he should bring presents."  I'm glad that he's fond of my co-workers, but perhaps the gift aspect has been overemphasized.

"We're out of bath bombs, Mommy," he explained.  Then he paused, clearly very pleased with himself for figuring something out. "Hey, we should go to Bath Bombs Dot Com.  I bet we could find some there!"

Our little Internet citizen.

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Bob said...

Really entice the kids have baths.
What fun.