Friday, September 06, 2013

Back to School Night

Back to School Night was tonight, and fortunately, the kindergarten session was at a different time and the third grade session.

Buster's teacher was lovely and reassuring to the first time parents, and we're happy to be in her classroom again.  She mentioned with a smile that Buster is so serious in class.  We know that look and occasional baleful stare, but he's comfortable and has some little friends.  One of Q-ster's friends' younger brother is now his bud, which will be great for playdates.

We really like Q-ster's teacher too.  Third grade is the start of much more analysis in reading, so that will be interesting.  In his "what I did over the summer" paper above, he mentions that he went to Disneyworld, where he enjoyed rides and eating junk food.  (Each child was writing on a template of giant sunglasses, in case you can't tell.)

We're going to be helping with a lot of homework this year, on top of piano practice.  At least I should theoretically be getting more sleep at night with the new job, so I should have more energy to tackle it, right?  Right?

In case you're a fan of minions, I made an update to yesterday's post.  Too good to miss - a minion hotel!

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