Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More BlogHer13 Highlights

FourthBreakfast and I were pretty disciplined about dodging swag that we didn't really need to take at the BlogHer Expo.  It's so easy to fill up your bag with whatever the vendors are offering - free, free, free! - but I did well, taking just some coupons and a few other things, while listening to some interesting product pitches.

Of course, I had to take a photo op with Minions.

We also had a chance to see an advanced screening of Austenland. It was a great - Keri Russell plays a woman obsessed with Jane Austen who goes to a English estate for an Austen-themed retreat from the modern world.  Antics ensue.  We have to go with our dance friends when it comes out in the theater, because the costumes (and the movie) are great.

Mr. Darcy and us!

To be honest, we had lowered our expectations of the BlogHer conference because we've been so many times and weren't that excited about returning to Chicago again. However, it was a great conference - lots of knowledge-sharing panels, quality speakers, and bonding time with my sister.

Hoping for SF or NYC for BlogHer 14!

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Mayberry said...

That movie looks like it will be so much fun!