Sunday, August 04, 2013

Fun and Games

We were invited to a dinner party over the weekend that featured the card game Magic.  Q-ster was thrilled to join the game while I talked dance gigs with the hostess.  He got some helpful hints from the senior players and managed some victories.

The boys have rediscovered the soft disc blasters that were tucked away on a high shelf and are gleefully distributing little foam discs all around the house.

Here, they have built a barricade against the enemy (unclear who) and are about to reload.  You can see a blue streak above Buster's head - that's a blue disc coming out of Q-ster's blaster.  The rest of the day seemed to be consumed with Lego Chima pretend play, so summer is going just as it should - imagination and popsicles.

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Bob said...

Inspiration from Nerf gun wars.